colorful day

intro: D E B

	A		     F
what a colorful day now the rain is gone,
     G			  A
the air is clear and the sky is blue.
sitting out here on my sunlit lawn,
wasting time 'cause there's nothing to do.

F#m  C#m  G  D
F#m  E    G  B7

so many days I been waiting for you,
you never crossed my door.
now you look me in the face,
and ask what love is for?

chorus -

      D			  E
well come on in and lets talk awhile
   C		   A
before you have to go
D		E
do I find what you have found,
     G		    E	 D
and what it is you know?

we said goodbye so long ago,
the time had come to leave.
we left ourselves with friendly words
and went our separate ways.

chorus -
1st verse -

G			    A
wasting time cause there's nothing to do
F	    G		    A
wasting time cause there's nothing to do

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