Materials and Tools


tools-hide.jpgThis is moccasin-weight moose hide from Moscow Hide and Fur. It was lot #1630-3330. If that link doesn’t show up, that lot isn’t available – but a similar one will probably do just as well. It’s commercially tanned, there was quite a strong chemical odor when it arrived, but that is going away. The color here is smoke tan.

1 adult and 2 kids pair of moccasins have already been made from this hide, you can see the cut marks on the left.

tools-tools.jpgHere are some of the tools. The Bridgestone folding knife with Opinel blade is small enough to cut the hide around corners, and keeps a real sharp blade. The artificial sinew is the 1000′ length, from Tandy Leather.

I also had a sharpener for the blade. A piece of wood was used as backing for the awl when punching holes in the hide.


… and fire


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