patterns-topThis shows how the pattern of the upper (in black) is drawn against the foot trace (in blue). Lines are drawn through the center of the foot top-to-bottom and side-to-side, then the upper is drawn. The widest points of the upper reach slightly below the center line, and extend about 1″ beyond the side of the foot. The tongue is centered on the midline.

I used paper here, but it would probably work to trace directly onto the hide. You could probably stand on the hide where you wanted to cut the upper from, mark the foot outline lightly, then mark the upper on top of that.


The sole and upper are shown here against the hide. The sole is about 1″ wider all around than the foot.

One pattern remains to be drawn – the heel. This will wait until the sole is formed around the foot. Then the heel length is measured directly from the fitted sole.

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