first sleep



Two sled trips were needed, one with firewood and one with food and gear. It was dusk, 5pm, so I was moving fast, and the sled and firewood had minds of their own. But we got there, and I got a fire going and was able to relax. Lit some candles and put them on the table for light.

It took an hour to chop onions, garlic, ginger, and potatoes because the cutting board is small, but there were bowls to put the chopped food in. Next question was how to fit the grill on the fire – it was too small to rest on the rocks circling the fire. The fix was one rock placed inside the pit, on the opposite side, which was close enough for the grill to reach.

Lot of hot coals at this point, so I put the wok on with olive oil and onions, cooked them a bit, then added garlic. Then spices (turmeric, coriander, cumin, red pepper, salt), and potatoes, ginger, and a can of diced tomatoes. While that simmered I cut up kale fine, and added it. Then moved the grill to one side of the firepit, to have a fire on one side, with the grill on the other. Coals from the fire were moved under the grill to keep the food simmering. The wok lid was too big, so the steam escaped and the food didn’t cook fully, but it was good! Then chocolate and tea for dessert.

The sleeping was plenty good. A down bag, covered with lots of blankets, and two pillows. I woke at 3 and thought I heard animal footsteps in the snow, and hallucinated a beaver looking in the bottom of the doorway. Had to go so I went out myself.

This morning I decided not to build a fire, but just clean up and head home. Some trail mix and a banana for breakfast. Only one sled trip this time, there’s plenty of firewood there for next time.

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