indubitable dog


went for a jog with indubitable dog
we ran 3 miles through fern and bog
my feet start to hurt from stepping on stones
indubitable dog says “almost home!”

indubitable dog is a clever double dipper
jumping stone walls like any worthy skipper
nuzzling toads when the rivers run rain
sniffing out mice in the snow of winter

indubitable dog and anaerobic man
went for a run in the freezing rain
though it was cold to the point of hypothermia
out of breath man kept running and got warmer
but short hair dog was chilled to the bone
he disappeared and went on home

indubitable dog ate another sofa cushion
on the floor, foam rubber and cotton he was wishin’
were meat but they aren’t so he’s gonna have to wait
a couple of days in the corner in his suite

indubitable dog is barkin’ at nothin’
nobody’s outside walkin’ down the pavement
comes across the yard to get in the front door
and chase the cat who slipped into the basement

indubitable dog is at the end of his road
his chase instincts got him into sudden trouble
it’s too bad that he can’t run everywhere
a free dog likes to fly with only one care

indubitable dog has bit another person
three strikes you’re out is the official version
it’s just so sad, it’s time to put him down
indubitable dog is no longer around

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