I am food as we speak
for tiny beasts
going about their business
inside me
by atomic light

what do you want with that bone?
is it quarry for your buildings
of sediment and stone
clustered spires
jutting from my knee?

marketplace of essential
foods and oils
my gut welcomes you
exotic clock
of turmoil and barter

those brain cells
that you slide on
flashing treasure
at my waterpark
you’re the rollercoaster!

liver will tempt you
gather all your friends
for one last game
lead you to a toxic dump
and clean you out

hiking skin?
thinking of setting up camp
digging a hole and
settling in for a snack
while I sleep?

why not spend your life
in blood canals
red gondolas from cell to cell
shaking up everyone
in the neighborhood?

I could go on
but you get the point
if we can’t live as one
I will see you
to the door