I want to swim in your fantastic pool
around the sides and underwater
big splash off the diving board
lots of bubbles, touch the bottom
gliding back for air

a summer moonlit skinny dip
all plants and birds in restless air
it’s humid, maybe it’ll start to rain
and we can plunge into
the droplets on the surface

and after when we’ve towelled off
we can sit together on the flagstones
feel the heat rise off the colors
talk about our sweaty work
and things we do for fun

creatures of habit, time to go
but first I’d like another swim
to play with you and hold our breath
and arms while we sink slowly
weightless in mid water

sun ripples around the world
a blur of blue and green and dancing yellow
common hum of earth, the pulsing heart
let’s kick back up to shout and breathe
the air that’s at the surface

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