second summer


unseasonable second summer
come and gone
another weather pattern from the south
brought to shore this
tropical week’s nap
some clear skies
some haze lingering
flies slowly buzzing

shallow days of late september
as if the swimming heat
was barely comfortable
reached the lookout
short of breath
relaxing on the granite
at its hottest
the sun just shy
of stifling

project a few years
and think a warmer climate
never stops
baking summers
icy winter winds
stalk these
beautiful flying autumn days
the way a mantis
turns to its mate

are we in love with the world
its welcome evening breeze
gone in a weeklong
rut to finance
hard in battle
against a sun
settling orange
into baths of phosphorus and blue

standing in pitch dark is safe
water bottle full
wide eyes unable to see
night quiet hill sounds distant
feel of cool fog
off the platform
leave the sturdy wood pavilion
walking in the dark is risky

Arjuna with his battle bow
decides who to shoot and when
could be a tale of hunting
my relations in the woods and water
one must die
for me to stay alive
would a herd be easier
gathered to live

fly away
you dreams of liberation
there is work to do
puzzles to get done
by nightfall
thank god
collecting time
for hot obsidian sweat
september sun