shiva in the garden


your eyes are windows
into a house
where spirit
melts ice
and surfs whitewater
down to a languid sea

rise into this
sweeping cloak of night
with me
to chase the soul’s light
and slip between
ever moving stars

Shakti I want to fly with you
through trees
dig toes in sand
stretch arms to the sky
touch the outside
of our singing

miles above
this velvet grass
your heart reveals
fragrance in sounds
to the air

I sit
alone now
down water deep
in a well
past walls
of civilizations
portrayed with dancing
blue and red and yellow lights
and shouts of language,
down past turning circles
to a subterranean
place of quiet

verse unfolds
thread after thread
and after weaving
into turbulent
and tightly twisted knots
to travel freely

you must go where
ever you want
I’ll leave you alone

what age is this?
dark hollow pounding
awakens to a fragrance
never tasted
radiance never seen

powerful woman
you’re the sunset
in your shining hair
you are wings of fire
circling the world
with wingtips that meet
the other side
and touch with love

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