I wish I had a tribe
To get up in my face
And set in with the spirit
Without a daily race.

People all long vanished
Following their worth
Years and years of ancestors
Driven from the Earth.

Now it’s just a mixture
Living in the now
Often I’m short sighted
Often don’t know how.

Swimming with the mainstream
Going round the bend
The past is what just happened
Goes on without end.

I wish I had a clan
To stay with for awhile
Reaching out and touching back
Often with a smile.

Living out of shelter
When the weather’s warm,
Cooking in the middle
Of a raging storm.

Swimming in a quiet stream
Lazing with the fish,
Reeds along the edges
Turtles with their wish.

Spirit in a nutshell
Falling in the wind,
People on the ground
Practicing again.

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