hum bling

forge for words

(say mold) * 2

saponin, dude

old man nerisms

habit ant

compass ion


disturbance = distributed turbulence

artful fact – artifact

in mud rooms we kiss – in my dreams we kiss

never say neuf heures

leg sea

scared sacred


meteor – meat eater – mediator

be you to fill

das good on ya

sober riot tea

planet obsolescence

I sweater god, it’s hard around here.

is someone who doesn’t believe in god a theoheretic? do they think theoheretically?

reacher of habit

savior breath

letter utter law

rock silence = rocket science

sugar ray blue = sacre bleu

whale zen = well then

the wakling

ibm: beat the meetles

cusp of coffee

sworded lifestyle

by the willow god

hibernascent – emerging from hibernation

they both roared like hawks – both hard as rock

slam to laughter <-> lamb to slaughter

muck fee

pour salt at eyes == proselytize


voodoomin pills

cats are my miews

sometimes erudite is just a mineral

garage == crotch (e.g. a bug bite in my garage)

spread the word that can’t be spread

the wages of syntax

time to finish or obfuscate == time to fish or cut bait

ankle nation == inclination

that’s feather birds

no pie had the rest of the pizza

there’s sublime taste for everything (there’s a time and place for everything)

take a taciturn

gnobby and knarled

dementia = meanderthal

debt sentence

baklava gita

dive languorously <> live dangerously

pre-hensile and griddle (pre hansel & gretel)

wreck hvac at your house

sitka dog (sit, good dog)

carpe diem -> jump upon now

texture messages

the early word gets the burn

what’s going gone?

dwindles shut (the window’s shut)

fur piece (far piece – long way)

wet fur? (what for?)

vat soup? (what’s up?)

how far? (half hour)

quack a l’orange (coq au vin)

slope oaks (slow pokes)

habit your way

computer signs = computer science

fresh hot of the oven (fresh out of the oven)

howl of word salad


secretary secret area